Biofiller/ PRGF

Bioreactor for  4th Generation plasma

Use: Face and body


It is a device that allows us to depart from the blood plasma to obtain a plasma gel and fourth generation plasma P.R.G.F. P.R.G.F. Is an autologous and economical resource in cutaneous biostimulation treatments with  growth factors obtained with this device which causes the platelets to fully release these substances. Which are responsible for the activation of stem cells.

Among the growth factors that can be obtained are: This device further allows to manufacture plasma gel, induction of the formation of the gel to create the filling and a method for treatment of wrinkles. It is ideal for soft tissue augmentation.


  • Decreased expression lines
  • Treatment of stretch marks flaccidity and cellulitis
  • Face and body rejuvenation treatment
  • Deep hydration


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