Heater Bag PRO


  • Transporting bag
  • Power cable.
  • Warranty.

By bringing about an increase in local temperature, it causes a degradation of the fat stored in cells through infrared rays.  Thermo-lypolysis is a process which utilizes an Infrared Body Wrap System that combines short and long infrared waves for achieving the desired results.

It has warm function to be affected   with warm combustion to accelerate blood circulation, dissolve the redundant fats, lose weight and slim body.




1) Accelerate metabolism

2) Lose weight, remove toxin

3) Promote nutrition absorbing, dispel tiredness

4) Diminish inflammation, renewal

5) Remove liver strain and unknown pain

6) Physical therapy to cure muscle and nerve diseases


Micro-controlled thermal technology; Maximum temperature programmer with 4 thermo regulated zones. It allows setting a temperature from 40 ° C to 65 ° C. And a preheating temperature.


  • High professional performance with infrared emission.
  • Heat transfer by conduction and convection.
  • Five massage programs with independent operation by vibrators.
  • Auto power on / off



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