Portable Cavitation + 3D RF

Use: Body and Face


  • 1x Main machine
  • 1 x Unaisetion detection
  • 40K Head
  • 1 x Sextupole 3D RF Probe for face / body
  • 1 x Quadrupole 3D RF Probe for face and eyes
  • 1 x Support
  • 1 x Power supply Cable
  • 2 x Fuse




Ultrasonic cavitation machines are intended to help with weight loss.  They use sound and heat waves to help reduce the cellulite and fat that’s in your body. These waves will put vapor bubbles into your body’s tissues which will absorb the fat and naturally remove it from your body.



  1. Safety: Unoisetion 2.0 cavitation + 3D RF technologies make this machine safer for all people
  2. Comfortable: no buzzing in the ears, no electric shock and pulse discharge, makes the slimming treatment so comfortable
  3. Intelligence: intelligent procedure where therapists and patients will enjoy the trip in body shape, it is very easy
  4. Effective: clinical data show that 98% of patients have the best visible effect after finishing treatment
  5. No electric shock / pulse discharge


Cavitation 2.0


Offers a new approach that we believe can replace traditional cavitation. Clients get the results they are satisfied without having to make buzzes and noises in their ears.


Radio Frequency 3D

 It is used to tighten the tissues. It focuses on the RF energy where it is needed, which requires much less energy than other RF technologies, thus avoiding the associated pain for the client.

It is used on face and arms.


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