Sunscreen 40 fps

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Dermo cosmetic action that nourishes, repairs and restructures. Protective emulsion against UVA and UVB with a sun protection factor 40. Its formula contains Amniotic Liquid, Collagen, a great variety of nutrients and moisturizers for the skin and Vitamin E that thanks to its antioxidant capacities neutralizes the free radicals that cause aging and skin spots. The combination of its ingredients protects and care for the skin leaving a silky, non-greasy and shine-free sensation.

For all skin types

Natural Active Ingredients: Amniotic fluid, Collagen and Vitamin E


60 gr
WARNING External use only: Avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth and genitals if this happens, wash with plenty of water and soap. In case of sensitivity, suspend its use.


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