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3 Cubed Massage Roller 


Is used in an up and down motion on the abdomen and in areas where localized fat is wanted to be removed.  This roller helps break apart the dimples in your skin created by cellulite, It helps to eliminate adipocytes and localized adiposity. Activate the blood circulatory, and lymphatic system.


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Wooden therapy is an efficient way to balance the energy, firm, mold and tone your body and fight cellulite. involves applying a massage using different wooden utensils specially designed for a particular area of the body. This Treatment also helps fight cellulite on your body. This procedure can be done with a specialist; or you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

Wooden Therapy will not only help mold you to your desired beauty, but it will give you a better lymphatic circulation.

How to use:

Treatment should be done through a continuous movement, bottom-up motion eliminating the localized fat masses. Slide from the sides toward the navel and breasts into the pelvis, which is where the lymph nodes, which in turn allows us to expel all the fat accumulated Through urine.

There are different types of rollers, which are chosen depending on how is the patient’s skin is and the adiposity that its presents:

3 cubes

4 cubes

5 cubes



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