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Descontracturant Solution / Dermclar

Effect: Relaxing serum that improves the appearance of the skin. Reduce and prevent wrinkles in face, an alternative to botuline toxine. Specially facial expression wrinkles due to frowning, squinting and smiling.

Presentation: 5 vials * 10ml

The aesthetic solution of Argireline and Leuphasyl, is a decontracting agent that provides a relaxation in the facial muscles, improving the mark and gesturing decreasing expression lines

  • Soft alternative to botulinum toxin.
  • Decreases and prevents expression lines.
  • Relax facial muscles.

Smart peptides group amino acids that help reduce and improve the signs of aging, exerting a function similar to botulinum toxin, but in a safe way.

Actives: Argireline  and Leuphasyl

Content: 50 ml / 50 cc

RECOMMENDED application with simple rubbing. Topical application during massage. Transdermal therapy by electroporation. Transdermal therapy by pressure. Assisted transdermal therapy: Dermaroller, Dermapen and others.


 WARNING: Do not use on irritated skin. If an unfavorable reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult your professional


Weight 1 lbs


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