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Artichoke Extract /Dermclar 

Purifying Solution

Effect: Lipolytic / Lipodystrophic / Purifying

Presentation: 5 vials * 10 ml


The artichoke purifying solution is a slightly diuretic detoxifier, which helps eliminate toxins and fluid retention in the body.

Solution that helps eliminate body toxins

Active: Extract of Artichoke 2%

Content: 50 ml / 50 cc

RECOMMENDED APPLICATION: Designed to penetrate the skin with different methods of application. Topical application with simple rubbing. Topical application during massage. Transdermal therapy by electroporation. Transdermal therapy by pressure. Assisted transdermal therapy: Dermaroller, Dermapen and others.

 WARNING: Do not use on irritated skin. If an unfavorable reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult your professional


Weight 1 lbs


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