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Dermclar Method Up


Reduces and Prevents the formation of new fatty build-ups/ Dermclar

Effect: Treatment and prevention of cellulite and for the reductive treatment of widespread and localised fat

Presentation: 5 vials * 10ml

The ability of 5 Dermclar products improves the appearance of the buttocks, improving their shape and making them look rounder, firmer, and more voluminous due to the lifting effect that this treatment provides. It also enhances the appearance of the skin, reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

The box comes included protocol.

The Kit Contains:

+ Plendor Up – 2 Vials x 10mL.

Dermclar PlasmaVit – 1 Vial x 10mL.

Vitamin C – 1 Vial x 10mL.

Lift DMAE 3% – 2 Ampoules x 5mL.

Sodium Pyruvate – 2 Ampoules x 2mL. 

+ Plendor Up

A cocktail designed to help lift and tone buttock tissue helps with cellulite. It helps the tissues by restructuring, revitalizing, and hydrating the tissue of the buttocks giving an LT’s effect (Lifting, Tightening, and Smoothness).


It contributes to the skin’s luminosity, tone, elasticity, and firmness. It contains amino acids and organic compounds that combine to form proteins and help repair tissue.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C prevents premature skin aging, acts against free radicals, improves stretch marks, improves tone, and hydrates the skin.

Lift DMAE 3%

It is an antioxidant with a potent biological lifting activity. DMAE nourishes and strengthens the tissue and helps reduce and combat sagging.

Sodium Pyruvate

Sodium Pyruvate (tensing solution) is a powerful antioxidant with firming and toning activity. It is beneficial to help with the sagging body. It is also helpful in assisting people in reactivating lipolysis when they appear stagnant.


Session 1

10 mL + Plendor UP

Session 2

2 mL Sodium Pyruvate

5 mL Lift DMAE

Session 3

5 mL Vitamin C

Session 4

5 mL Plasmavit

2 mL Sodium Pyruvate

5 mL Lift DMAE

Session 5

5 mL Vitamin C

Session 6

10 mL + Plendor Up

Weight 1 lbs
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