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Goldine Impact Kit


It is a 100% effective body shaper and reducer, since it contains different natural ingredients that generate a heat effect in the treated area, facilitating perspiration and making the body eliminate localized fat deposits.


1 Hot Gel  Body molding bottle. Collapsible Flip Top 240 gr /  8 oz

1 Firming Gelb bottle. Collapsible Flip Top 240 gr / 8 oz

1 Osmotic Paper 20 cm X 100 m / 328 ft X 8 in .

Presentation: Case zippered cloth .


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Hot Gel:

Natural Extracts with moldering properties, antioxidants, stimulates lipolysis and eliminates toxins.

Ideal for physical activity, does not require massages. Accelerates and enhances circulation and sweating during your workout.

Natural Active Ingredientsginkgo biloba,  seaweed,  green  tea  and  asian  centella.

PresentationCollapsible Flip top 240 Grams/ 8 ounces


Firming Gel 

Gel with natural extract of seaweed, collagen and elastin. Generating cold temperatures seeks the restoration of body tissues, reaffirming them. Used to make cold bandages (cryotherapy) in body areas that require hardening. Avoid and fight cellulite. Provides breast firmness and molding effect.

Natural Active IngredientsNatural Extract of Seaweed, Collagen and Elastin

 Presentation: bullet bottle Collapsible Flip top 240 Grams/ 8 ounces

How to Use: 

Step 1: Apply with gentle rotating movements on the areas where it is required to eliminate body fat.

Step 2: Wrap with the Osmotic Paper and let the product act for 30 to 40 minutes during which you can perform physical activity. Use on arms, abdomen,
waist, buttocks and thighs.

Step 3: Apply our Firming Gel for 30min – 40min and let it act to generate a thermal shock in the area, this will give your skin firmness,
reduce flaccidity and activate your circulation. The cold gel can be used as a supplement after the hot gel. this will provide you benefits such as concentration of active ingredients
and body temperature, an elasto-compressor effect so that you mold the area where you use it and due to its special material a better position.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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