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The Metal Dynamic Sculptor, adapts perfectly in a delicate and pleasant displacement generating a perfect drainage with the firm step and complete coverage in each area.

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Metal sculpting therapy is mainly used to apply a strong massage using different metal polished utensils, lightweight and easy to use , made of different metals and aluminum. Specially designed to balance the energy of the patient, reaffirming and toning the body, and combating cellulite. The art of sculpting your client’s body while re positioning localized fat.

The Metal Dynamic Sculptor, Generates a complete activation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems; additionally, it benefits the muscle fibers, relaxing them.Its perfect design in different curvatures allow in simple movements to generate a perfect effect in molding and marking in areas such as the waist

Due to its deep displacement over the different areas, generates rapid results in molding and marking.
In ascending displacement by the lower limbs towards the buttock  line, allows not only effective lymphatic drainage but also perfect buttock  elevation with simple manipulation by the therapist and a feeling of patient rest.

In therapeutic and relaxing massage, generates a perfect elongation at the muscular level, its dynamic shape and perfectly adaptable to the different areas of the body allow reaching muscle contraction areas without mistreating the hands of the therapist

– Stainless Steel
– silver colored
– nonmagnetic
– long lasting and easy to clean.

100% All-Natural, Non-Invasive and Free of Contraindications
Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles
Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
Eliminates Toxins
Speeds Metabolism
Breaks Down Cellulite
Tones, Tightens and Reduces Circumference

Weight 2 lbs


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