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Our Metal Massage Brush Adapts for different anatomical movements and body areas, mobilizing the fibrous adipose, activating local circulation and improving lymphatic drainage, which leads to the elimination of toxins from the area, giving an aesthetic benefit and quickly verifiable therapeutic benefits.

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Metal sculpting therapy is mainly used to apply a strong massage using different metal polished utensils, lightweight and easy to use , made of different metals and aluminium. Specially designed to balance the energy of the patient, reaffirming and toning the body, and combatting cellulite. The art of sculpting your client’s body while re positioning localized fat.

The Metal Massage Brush Contains two types of knuckle length that will help us perform effective maneuvers for each body area treated. It is an ergonomic piece, where we will have three different forms of grip, giving it the depth of the maneuver.
Is designed in a rectangular shape for total rest by the therapist; an ergonomic anchorage between the fingers, allows the perfect grip, allowing you to advance with the accessory, varying the directions of movement without effort and in a firm and comfortable position of the hand; the two different heights of the knuckles incorporated in the lower part, raise the accessory so that even when it slides on bone structures it never generates discomfort or pain to the patient; the result obtained is both aesthetic and therapeutic.
Is a co-assistant in relaxing and therapeutic massage treatments, due to its action of metals that harmonize body energy, and knuckles that help mobilize lactic acid (this generates fatigue to the muscle fiber), relaxing and helping it to its repair in the shortest time; Its adaptation helps us to mobilize on bone surfaces in a simple way, thus optimizing the protocol.

– Stainless Steel
– silver colored
– nonmagnetic
– long lasting and easy to clean.

100% All-Natural, Non-Invasive and Free of Contraindications
Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles
Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
Eliminates Toxins
Speeds Metabolism
Breaks Down Cellulite

Weight 2 lbs


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