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Reduces and Prevents the formation of new fatty build-ups/ Dermclar

Effect: Treatment and prevention of cellulite and for the reductive treatment of widespread and localised fat

Presentation: 5 vials * 10ml


A product especially designed for both women to help strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, stimulating hair growth and improving shine.

Helps to improve the appearance of hair which is fine, weak, limp and/or prone to breakage.
Helps to reduce the signs of hair ageing, such as grey hairs and hair loss
Helps to improve hair quality.
Helps to improve and increase hair density.
Reduces fragility of hair, strengthening it.
Increases hair’s natural shine and softness.
Rebalances the scalp, stimulating hair growth
Actives: Hyaluronic acid,D-Panthenol, Organic silicon, Rutin and trace elements

Weight 1 lbs
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