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Vibration Platform

Use: Body



  • 1 x Vibration Machine
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 2 x Resistance Bands
  • 1 x Assembly Tool Kit
  • 1 x Manual

The movement of the Vibration Plate stimulates the body’s natural stretch reflex. This is similar to the knee jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a reflex hammer in a doctor’s office. Without thinking of it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction leading to your leg kicking out. With the Vibration Plate these strong muscle contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate. Due to the involuntary effect on muscle contraction, nearly 100% of the muscle fibers are recruited.


The vibration plate creates a high frequency vibration which causes a stretch reflex within the body. This means that the muscles contract involuntarily so creating the effects of exercise without the exertion of conventional exercises. The Power Plus Vibration Plate is fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms. Extending the straps in different positions works different muscle groups, pulling against the resistance of the straps further the muscle fibers for growth and toning.



  • Relieve tension and stress
  • Provide enjoyment and fun
  • Stimulate the mind
  • Help maintain stable weight
  • Control appetite – Boost self image
  • Improve muscle tone and strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve insomnia



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