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Virtual Mesotherapy / Electroporator

Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $550.00.

Use: Face and Body

It includes:

• 1 Electro lifting Facial Head
• 1 Facial and Body Electroporation Head
• 1 Facial and Body Ultrasound Head
• 1 Facial and Corporal Head of Cryotherapy
• 1 Pole to Earth
• Manual
• Warranty


Equipment that allows introducing products inside the skin and cells, without damaging the molecules. The electroporation creates pores in the membranes of the cells in a reversible manner, thus allowing the cells to absorb a maximum of the active ingredients introduced into the skin.

• Problems of pigmentation and skin blemishes, scars: improve the appearance of heavy dark skin, fatigued, pale, edema, accelerates the oxygenation of the skin, improve circulation, improves allergy problems.
• Lines of expression and facial flabbiness
• Stretch marks
• Cellulite
• Flaccidity
• Facial Rejuvenation Treatments: clarification, toning and diminution of expression lines, softness and firmness of the pores, recover the clarity and silkiness of the skin, stimulation of the formation of collagen and elastin, stimulate the lining of the cells, accelerate cell regeneration, rehydration.
• Localized adiposity and toning. Decomposition of local fat.
• Care of the eye contour eliminates spots and bags under the eyes, improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces edema, eliminates eye fatigue.


1. Voltage 100-240V
2. Operating voltage: ≤12V
3. Frequency ≤ 2.08 A
4. Power ≤ 25 W
5. Ultrasound 0.3 ˷ 5 MHz
6. Ultrasonic range 20 60 HZ
7. G.W / N.W 7 / 5.5 kg
8. Packing 35 * 35 * 28 cm

Weight 15 lbs


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