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Woodtherapy Facial Cup


Ideal for working of the cheekbones and give greater firmness

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The Facial Cup is one of the most used elements, is very easy to use. In the treatment of facial Wood- Therapy the use of the Facial Cup is an alternative for the health and the well-being, it removes the badly located fat, draining it and leaving the skin smooth and shiny.

The Facial Cup also strengthens the facial muscles, benefits the blood and lymphatic circulation, tones the skin of the face, improving the natural production of elastin, collagens and vitamin E. It is a tool capable of reducing the fat located in the area of ​​the jowls and improves the lines of expression.


How to use:

During the treatment of facial Wood- Therapy the cup is located in the lower part of the facial muscle, the orifice is covered to create a suction effect and gently slides in the direction of the muscle ascending, or where the effect is desired.


Weight 1 lbs


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