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Woodtherapy Pre and Post Surgical Striated Roller


The pre and post surgical striated roller is designed for the preparation of the pre-surgical area.
It prepares the tissue that will undergo some type of surgery and prevents the formation of fibrosis, accelerates the detachment of localized fat and is indicated for the patient's home management.
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The pre and post surgical striated roller is one more tool among those used by those versed in applying mass therapy treatments as a measure for the rehabilitation of innumerable conditions that involve muscles, subcutaneous tissue and dermal surface, as well as the various tissue elements existing there as vessels blood, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings.

The pre and post surgical striated roller is part of the arsenal of instruments designed to be used in Wood Therapy, a discipline used for thousands of years with excellent results for the mental and physical improvement of the human body. However, the pre and post surgical striated roller has the particularity that its use is limited to very specific situations such as the stages before and after surgery and it is also advised that it can be applied directly by the patient or by their relatives in the postoperative stage.

It has a very characteristic design consisting of a series of thin grooves, which alternate with concavities that separate them, which are carved on a cylindrical base of noble wood; For proper handling, the roller is provided with a single central handle or with two side handles, which facilitate sliding on the area to be treated.

The main objective of the use of the pre and post surgical striated roller is to help reduce the degree of stress before and after surgery, activating the cellular processes, renewing some elements of the cells, which ultimately result in a reaffirmation and improvement of the skin. Its particular design and the versatility of sizes allow its adaptation of any body area, preparing the tissue that will be surgically intervened by improving the blood and lymphatic microcirculations of the area, removing impurities, improving the entry of oxygen, accelerating fat mobilization deposited that can sometimes delay or deteriorate the healing of internal and external tissues. All these aspects prevent the formation of fibrosis with an inadequate healing.

Since its use is safe and easy to apply, it should be emphasized that during the postoperative stage it is allowed, and even recommended, that the pre and post surgical striated roller be used by the patient at home. Its use is recommended by holding it properly and exerting medium pressure on the area to be treated, sliding it up and down on it, for periods not less than fifteen minutes. This must be repeated in three or four daily cycles.

The pre and post surgical striated roller is quite effective in reducing stress before and after a surgical process. However, its usefulness is enhanced by its high effectiveness in preventing the onset of postsurgical fibrosis. It is known that the fibrous tissue is a normal component of all tissue, that when there is a reactive or repair process in the body, its formation intensifies. Hence, when a cut or section of a tissue is performed, as in the case of surgery, the so-called post-surgical fibrosis occurs, which when excessive and abnormal leads to intense pain when compressing nerve endings.

Post-surgical fibrosis can also be done inappropriately biologically by reactively producing high amounts of fibrous tissue compared to a smaller amount of collagen, which leads to the formation of hypertrophic scars. It is here that the use of the pre and post surgical striated roller is essential because it allows the reactivation and mobilization of collagen at the cellular level, which favors the fibrocyte-collagen balance that optimizes the proper healing of the tissues.

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