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Woodtherapy Short handle Roller


The short handle facial roller also works to provide relaxing massages in the face and neck area, rejuvenates the face, strengthens and lifts the facial muscles, tones the skin of the face, reaffirms the neck and shoulders and visibly diminishes the expression lines of Forehead, cheeks and wrinkles around the eyes.

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During Wood- Therapy it also helps to eliminate stress and accumulated fatigue. All this results in zero insomnia and sleep pictures much more relaxed and complete


Facial Wood- Therapy a firming effect, since it activates the production of elastin and collagen, increases the density of the extracellular matrix, in addition to reaffirming, toning, molding and improving blood and lymphatic circulation. Used to enhance the feminine beauty of thousands of women, to deal with rigorously and professionally the different problems that can afflict the face and neck.


The facial Wood- Therapy is often indicated to eliminate the gills when it is in a process of diets and diet, since this part of the body does not lose weight only with exercises and control of the food.



Weight 1 lbs


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