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HydraBeauty Machine



What could be used to do by the water facial machine?

1. Face cleaning: microdermabrasion deep cleaning, and clearing blackhead

2. Moistening: Water replenishing to skin. Oily skin improvement.

3. Scar removal: all kinds of scars such as scar left by laser, burn and surgery etc.

4. Acne: blain acne, scabby acne, allergic acne, papilla acne, improving the appearance of lipidic skin and acne pit.

5. Skin Care: water dermabrasion skin whitening and softening, facial lifting and tightening, eye bag and black eye circle removing.

6. Pigmentation removal, skin lightening, yellow skin improving.

7. Wrinkle reduction: reduce wrinkles around canthus, furrow.

8. To improve allergic skin.


14 pieces handles, 3 kinds of PDT lights, 4 solutions bottles, the highest configuration on the market.

●13 major technologies are aimed at different groups of people and bring you huge business opportunities.

●The most popular hydra dermabrasion machine, big power, big vacuum, the best choice for SPA salon or home us

Weight 120 lbs


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